Spanish Resources

Everything Spanish

·  The Best Spanish Resource list out there:

·    And the best Dictionary

·    Another great links page

·    FCPS Instructional Service: Spanish

·    Especially for Students of Spanish

·    Online Resource Guide

·    Irregular past tense verbs

·    Preterite rules

Grammar and vocabulary

·  Grammar in a nutshell from the University of Chicago Press

·  Advanced gramática y ortografía from Juan Soto of Indiana

·  Increase your vocabulary at Palabra del Día

·  Patrick Boyce at Elma, WA, HS has AP grammar & vocab activities based on En Español


·  Spanish Steps from the BBC has wonderful listen/see/read/learn lessons.

·  Great little Spanish Lessons with sound files

·  Test yourself at Webspañol; lots of cute features

·  Idioms quiz from the U of Chicago

·  Easton links every imaginable Spanish test for all levels

·  Learn Spanish Today provides self-graded quizzes & vocab on numerous topics.

·  Free on-line language lessons at

·  A downloadable program for self-taught Beginning Spanish 

·  From Spain, the incomparable Página del Idioma Español

·  Gramática Española has all the grammar rules

·  Electronic flashcards, anyone?

·  Conjugation Trainer lets you test yourself on verbs

·  Vocabulary Training site

·  Definitive! La Lengua española