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Attribute: rules cards star/stop  To play Attribute, print my cards on one color paper and my star/stop on another color. Each player takes four adjectives (you may need to look up meanings and write them on the back) and one star/stop.  Then the first player names something like "A month old banana" or "the US president."  If you have a star, match it so another player picks you, if you have a stop, put down a card that doesn't describe the item, so you don't get picked.   In the official rules, star/stops are red and green sheep.

Scoring: My red ship doesn't get tagged, I get a point.  My green sheep doesn't get tagged, I lose a point.  I tag a green sheep, I get a point; I tag a red sheep, I lose a point.  Playing for points is optional.

The Storytelling Game:  Deal SAT vocabulary flash cards to each person.  Make sure there are plenty of synonyms.  Someone starts telling a story.  As he uses the words in his hand, he can discard them.  As soon as he says any word (on a card or not) that's a synonym to a word in someone else's hand, they can discard that card and take over as the new storyteller.  The former storyteller draws one card.  Whoever uses up all their cards first wins. 

Note: SAT vocabulary flash cards are inexpensive and can be used in both games.  I recommend asking your parents for them-- many parents would be thrilled to have their children asking for vocabulary flashcards to help them learn.  And, hey, the fact that the games are fun makes this a very effortless way to learn.  Both games work well with up to 8 or so people.

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Crossword puzzles with SAT I words

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Feed the hungry by solving vocab quizzes (plus it's great practice)!

Top 100 SAT Words

The hundred most common vocabulary words (pdf)

Sheppard Software Vocabulary Games

"Good." "Right." "Yes" "Great!" These five Sheppard quizzes offer encouraging spoken feedback. Two of the games draw from a vocabulary of 720 commonly-tested SAT/GRE words. Each round consists of twenty select-the-definition questions, so you can play over and over again, with very little repetition. The three non-SAT games are an expert-level vocab game (with words like "opprobrium" and "eldritch"), and quizzes on computer and medical terminology. SAT games, a vocabulary novel, tests, and more. Most Important SAT Words

Vocabulary University presents eleven puzzles using many of the one-hundred most-frequently tested SAT words. This first page has three puzzles; you'll find links to the rest of them just below the Submit Query button. Each question gives you the root of the answer, and many questions include synonym and antonym hints. After playing, try composing a short story using all words from one of the puzzles. Use the Post-my-Story link near the bottom of the page to submit your story for possible publication.

Download IVY WEST Word Games

The IVY WEST Word Games are designed to help you raise your SAT I Verbal score by learning the most common SAT words in a fun environment.  You can use the flash cards, try the crossword puzzles, or play a memory game.  The vocabulary in each game type is divided to correspond to the 5 lessons in the IVY WEST program, so the Word Games make a wonderful study tool.

Sentence Completions  (With Explanations and Hints):
Choose the words to best fit the meanings of the sentences from five choices.

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