Praise for  Henry Potty and the Pet Rock

An easy afternoon's read, enjoyable and quirky, poking light-hearted fun at the "Harry Potter" series. If you're in the mood for a silly parody it'll be perfect, and even if you aren't it'll still be fun.

–Burning Void Reviews


A witty, absurd send-up with a charm all its own.  Frankel doesn't so much break the fourth wall as she obliterates it with Unforgivable Curses.  Looking for something to tide you over until Book 7?  This book is for you.  Hate the Potter craze and want Rowling to die a painful, horrible death?  This book is also for you.

–Seized by the Tale


Children of all ages (including adults) will enjoy this hilarious parody!

 –The Best Reviews


Be prepared for off-the-wall pop culture references, slapstick comedy and gut-bustingly funny heroic statements. Valerie Estelle Frankel proves that parodies can be perfectly peachy.

–Fallen Angel Reviews


An absolutely hilarious take on the Harry Potter stories: Frankel takes a stab at re-creating a similar story line but with a few wackier characters and events. A parody like no other I've ever seen in literature: you will chuckle and laugh until your belly hurts…Silly, senseless, and totally nuts, you cannot help but enjoy the ride.

–Reader Views


This parody doesn't simply send up Harry Potter.  It  doesn't just jokingly reference numerous fantasy and fairy tale tropes.   It doesn't merely assault the reader with dozens of bad puns.  It does all three.  And it's funny.  I haven't laughed out loud so much since reading Bored of the Rings

–Reader’s Robot


It is abundantly clear that Valerie Frankel is very skilled at tickling the funny bone of every kid (and any grown up)

–Writers Unlimited


The parody takes new spins on familiar themes from J. K. Rowling's popular series. Mail, for instance, is delivered not by owls but flying pigs. Students who attended the reading told the Spartan Daily they found it enjoyable.

–US News and World Report, October 26, 2006


Just when you thought it was safe to bury your Harry Potter paraphernalia, Valerie Frankel attacks from the rear with a laugh out loud, irreverent salute to our obsession with the robed pre-teen…Ms. Frankel is obviously a brilliant writer with a fantastic grasp of the Harry Potter story and its social layers.

–Wild Child Publishing



Sabrina Williams, Armchair Interviews
Henry Potty and the Pet Rock is an adorable unauthorized Harry Potter parody written by Valerie Estelle Frankel. Henry Potty is the baby left in an asparagus crate on the doorstep of the Dorky family, relegated to the lowly status of household slave. Though his daily duties involve catering to the whims of Dumpy Dorky and his Dorky parents, Henry is fully aware that he is destined to be the hero of the novel, and bides his time with a room filled with the various action figures, games, and merchandise that will inevitably be in demand when his heroics are recognized.

When Henry receives an acceptance letter to Chickenfeet Academy in California from Professor Bumbling Bore, the Dorkys are eager to send him on his way. With the lackluster aid of his fairy godmother, Henry boards the Chickenfeet trainer for his new life as a "gizzard." Once at school, Henry and his classmates are greeted by the large and hairy Higgle, who ushers them on to a long and boring introduction from Professor Bore, then to dorm selection by the "sorting rat" under the direction of Miss McGonk. After being bitten by the sorting rat, Henry meets his new Heroes Dorm roommates, Horrendous Gangrene, a "which," and Really Wimpy, another gizzard. While Horrendous and Really work to defeat the pungent Lord Revolting while keeping up with their school assignments, Henry will valiantly take the credit for their accomplishments.

Though intended as a children's book, Henry Potty and the Pet Rock has no discernable age limit, as the cover reveals when it states "For ages 2-222." The story flows with a corniness that will make young children giggle, dotted with random jokes to keep an adult reader's attention.

Armchair Interviews says: Even Frankel's bio at the end of the book is filled with humor.

From Our Armchair to Yours ...


Sci-fi Cafe

Something silly this way comes...

Catastrophe strikes Chickenfeet Academy, and it’s not just the cafeteria food. Lord Revolting, murderous goldfish-flusher is stalking the grounds of the school with evil intent. What’s more, Really Wimpy’s pet rock has vanished.

Follow Henry and his friends in an epic and pun laden quest.

Unapproved, unendorsed, unofficial, and unstoppable: an award-winning parody for all Harry Potter fans out there 

Tracy, Euro-Reviews

Life at no.23232323.32 Privy Drive changed drastically the day Henry Potty went to live with Mr and Mrs Dorky, and their son, Dumpy. He may subscribe to Menial Drudges United's Newsletter, and become the family's slave, but things are developing, and I'm not just talking about Henry's sinister mould growing kit either. There's the development of his Henry Potty Fan Club's webpage, for instance. However, things never stay the same, and Henry is destined for bigger, much funnier things. Arriving at Chickenfeet Academy, Henry is excited. Which dorm will he be put in? 'The Hero's', 'The Dummies', 'The Scumball's or 'The Leftover's'. Only the sorting rat will decide.

"Just hold out your finger and let the rat bite it. In that moment, before all the pain sets in, you’ll hear a voice in your head and know which dorm you should be in. Then we’ll start our tour of campus, beginning with the cookie shelf in the kitchen and continuing on to the infirmary and the band-aid cabinet. Also, I’d like to introduce Mr. Filth. He’s our resident spy and tattletale. If he sees anyone doing anything he’s suspicious of, it’s his job to alert the authorities.”

Henry Potty and the Pet Rock is an unauthorized Harry Potter parody, (fan fiction?) and one that had both my son and I in fits of giggles throughout. It's surprising we got through it as quickly as we did, considering the amount of times we had to stop and either laugh or discuss the similarities to the original. It's pure madness, but great fun, and I'd recommend the 'Beef and Cheese Ice cream' any day. Ms Frankel's take on the famous Harry Potter is not only a delight to read, but written with an exciting pace, fascinating characters and startling imagination. And yes, us Brits do say "crisps", chips are what we eat with fish. Watch out for the murderous goldfish flusher…




Book Review  

Sam Xie, student


Hahaha…That was my first thought when I read the title of the book. This book opens up children’s minds. When I was a child, I always liked to pretend that I was some kind of cool hero and saved the day. After reading this book, it reminded of me when I was little. This book is good because children like books that are based on fantasy, humor, and easy to understand. Not only children, but adults and teenagers could read this book for relaxation. Even my best friend thinks this book is one of the best books he ever read.

Although the book is only 100 pages long, this book has all the quality of an all age book. This book is "REMIXED". Almost the same plot as Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. This is the first time I had read a book like this. Personally I think this book is better than the original one. I am sure that almost everybody has read the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and if people like it so much why not try the remix version of it, Henry Potty and the Pet Rock.

Miranda Lyle, TCM Reviews
Knowledge of pop culture, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and popular candy is a definite requirement for the readers of this book.  Subtle humor is woven throughout the book.  Following the story will be easier for readers (or movie viewers) of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (of which this book is a parody).  The author weaves several famous characters from other stories into the fabric of the book: Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory become Eempa Leempas, the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, the Fairy Godmother, and of course, the main characters from the Harry Potter series of books.  The spells in the book are also parodies, being said in Pig Latin.  Flying vacuums, exploding gum, and flying pigs that deliver the mail are some of the details within the text.  Henry Potty is a character that bumbles and stumbles through his mixed-up storyline and somehow manages to defeat evil Lord Revolting.



New Potter parody is humorous, silly, and highly entertaining

(Sunnyvale, CA) Winner of the Phelan Award 2004 First Prize for Humor and Satire, author Valerie Frankel's outstanding parody "Henry Potty and the Pet Rock: An Unauthorized Harry Potter Parody" (ISBN 159594088X) offers a less-than-serious twist on the Harry Potter obsession. Along the lines of Bored of the Rings, and the works of Terry Pratchett and Robert Asprin, Frankel's novel proves to be a serious contender in the genre of pop-culture satire and parody.

Henry Potty is off to Chickenfeet Academy, one of the grandest third-rate schools of America. Arriving at school on the Chickenfeet Trainer (a large sneaker), Henry meets an interesting bunch including his fairy godmother, who attempts to sell him to America's Funniest Fairy Godchildren; classmates Horrendous Gangrene and Really Wimpy; and Professor Bumbling Bore, who makes bad guys tremble, thanks to the magic of credit card numbers.

Catastrophe strikes as Lord Revolting, the evil man who flushed Henry's goldfish down the toilet many years earlier, crawls out from the local dumpsters, nefariously plotting to take over the world and live forever— Or at least, so it appears. To accomplish this, he requires unicorn blood, magical hotdogs, pink toilet paper, and Really Wimpy's runaway pet rock. Henry must save his friend's beloved pet, even if it means facing Big Burp and Stufleupupus, a drag-on, and the dreaded Battery Bunny. Craziness ensues as Revolting threatens to commit the worst villainy of all, spoiling the book!

Frankel weaves a tale that, instead of following the Harry Potter saga religiously, cheerfully plunges readers into new territory, introducing characters such as the vicious Sorting Rat, and Miss Ann Thropist, the trendy Wicked Witch of the Vest. Readers will adore references to Narnia, Oz, Cinderella, The Princess Bride, and so many other favorite books and shows. With the wackiest cast of characters ever to grace the pages of modern satire, Frankel has created a "giggler" for the whole family.

Unapproved, unendorsed, unofficial, and unstoppable, "Henry Potty and the Pet Rock" will charm all Harry Potter fans, the young, the not-so-young, and everyone in-between! This unique parody has universal appeal. Guaranteed to produce hours of laughter, it'll satisfy all those between-book cravings for Harry Potter. A fantastic gift for any fan.

Valerie Estelle Frankel lives in Sunnyvale, CA, and teaches creative writing at San Jose State University. A prolific writer, Frankel is published in over seventy magazines and anthologies. "Henry Potty and the Pet Rock" is her first novel, and can be purchased at many bookstores. For more information please visit