Grammar and Writing Student Links

The Rules for a Perfect Paper

The 20 Most Common Grammar Errors and exercises to help you avoid them. (Improves all Writing!)

The Most Common Errors in English

How to Write a Thesis Statement

The American Heritage Book of English Usage (Answers most grammar questions!)

A Wonderful Glossary of Grammar Terms

The Bedford Site is companion to the Bedford Handbook, offering grammar exercises, links, sample papers and more. (Improves all Writing!)

Various Styles of Essays

Guide to Grammar and Writing  Maintained by Professor Charles Darling of Capital Community College, this interactive site provides guidance at the level of individual words, sentences, paragraphs, essays, and research papers.

WWWebster Dictionary  This site offers an online, searchable version of the Collegiate Dictionary and Collegiate Thesaurus.

The ESL Loop.  The ESL Loop is a collection of sites relevant to teaching and learning English on the Web.

University Writing Centers.  A wonderful page of writing resources.

English Language and Literature Resources

English Club's ESL Site.

SJSU English Department Home page An excellent place to start, this page contains accessible links to many excellent writing and research sites.  It includes reference materials as well as more in-depth sites that assist in style and usage.

SJSU Writing Center This site is the on-campus reference for English 2L, a non-baccalaureate writing tutorial. Though designed primarily for English 1A and 1B students, the site offers a comprehensive description of services for other writing tutorials. The site lists all tutors and their email addresses. It also lists the handbooks recommended by the English Department's Composition Committee for English 1A, 1B, and 100W students.

The Writing Center at Colorado State University   Resources for writers and teachers.

The Elements of Style  The classic book of grammar and style available online.

Faculty Teaching Resources This page focuses on functional approaches to teaching writing. It offers ideas and strategies to motivate and evaluate student writing. Part of the Writing Across the Curriculum format, it also offers some excellent links.

Research Writing Style Guides   This site offers a variety of links to guides that cover an array of writing concerns, from research papers, to documentation styles, to handbooks, to tutorials.

More Writing Links

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