Endorsements for the Henry Potty series by Valerie Estelle Frankel

An easy afternoon's read, enjoyable and quirky, poking light-hearted fun at the "Harry Potter" series. If you're in the mood for a silly parody it'll be perfect, and even if you aren't it'll still be fun.

–Burning Void Reviews


A witty, absurd send-up with a charm all its own.  Frankel doesn't so much break the fourth wall as she obliterates it with Unforgivable Curses.  Looking for something to tide you over until Book 7?  This book is for you.  Hate the Potter craze and want Rowling to die a painful, horrible death?  This book is also for you.

–Seized by the Tale


Children of all ages (including adults) will enjoy this hilarious parody!

 –The Best Reviews


Be prepared for off-the-wall pop culture references, slapstick comedy and gut-bustingly funny heroic statements. Valerie Estelle Frankel proves that parodies can be perfectly peachy.

–Fallen Angel Reviews


An absolutely hilarious take on the Harry Potter stories: Frankel takes a stab at re-creating a similar story line but with a few wackier characters and events. A parody like no other I've ever seen in literature: you will chuckle and laugh until your belly hurts…Silly, senseless, and totally nuts, you cannot help but enjoy the ride.

–Reader Views


This parody doesn't simply send up Harry Potter.  It  doesn't just jokingly reference numerous fantasy and fairy tale tropes.   It doesn't merely assault the reader with dozens of bad puns.  It does all three.  And it's funny.  I haven't laughed out loud so much since reading Bored of the Rings

–Reader’s Robot


It is abundantly clear that Valerie Frankel is very skilled at tickling the funny bone of every kid (and any grown up)

–Writers Unlimited


The parody takes new spins on familiar themes from J. K. Rowling's popular series. Mail, for instance, is delivered not by owls but flying pigs. Students who attended the reading told the Spartan Daily they found it enjoyable.

–US News and World Report, October 26, 2006


Just when you thought it was safe to bury your Harry Potter paraphernalia, Valerie Frankel attacks from the rear with a laugh out loud, irreverent salute to our obsession with the robed pre-teen…Ms. Frankel is obviously a brilliant writer with a fantastic grasp of the Harry Potter story and its social layers.

–Wild Child Publishing